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Thanks for submitting!

Contact me to discuss pricing on your project. See below for my starting pricing options (pricing is in Canadian dollars). 

Flat rate audio shine

For any length of raw audio, I’ll add your intro and outro audio, remove ambient noise and level the volumes of hosts and guests.

Let me know the timestamps of up to three edits you'd like removed.

$35 per episode

Additional costs may apply on additional edit requests

Deeper audio scrub

Audio shine, plus I will listen to your raw audio up to 20 minutes in length, tightening any pauses, removing any glaring errors (blips in sound quality, background noises, mistakes made while talking) where possible.

Starting at $55 per episode

Additional costs may apply for podcasts longer than 20 minutes

Marketing audiograms

An audiogram is a social media sharable video containing a short audio clip of your podcast paired with a visual waveform. Provided an image and timecode of your audio clip I will create a shareable video for you, customizable from a variety of waveform types.  

Starting at $15 per audiogram 

Additional costs may apply depending on audio clip length and the inclusion of subtitles

Video podcast editing

Have a Zoom recording you'd like to publish as a  video podcast?

I will work with you to create a custom layout, add intro and outro cards, as well as titles with host and guest details. 

Starting at $75 per episode

Additional costs may apply depending on video length and editing needs

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